Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Feeling Moody? It May Be the Colours around You

Colours and your mood are inextricably linked. Even simple changes to the colours around you can make huge impressions on your psyche and without knowing you start behaving differently. There are several reasons why colours are able to influence how we feel and scientists haven’t been able to figure everything out very accurately yet. While they are at it, here are certain colours and their hushed effects on our psychologies.

Lively red

Restaurants all around the world make use of the colour red because there is a certain effect that the hue has on us. The colour promotes liveliness and energy and it was found that when people are surrounded by people they know and feel positive they eat better. The colour is also associated with aggression but mostly it evokes positive feelings in people. So here is a small tip, if you are choosing chairs and tables for your dining table, get red ones. colour Masterbatches of different hues impart different colours to product and you will get as many variations as you want by looking at the right places.

Relaxing green

Green is very relaxing on the eyes and has a very soothing effect on the mind. Perhaps you have noted that actors sit in a green room before performing in live stage that is because green helps them soothe their jangled nerves better. That brings us to the point, if you want a nice place to relax after you return from office, you should choose green for your sitting room.

Clean Whites

White is the colour which represents cleanliness and is great for places where you want to keep clean lines and unsophisticated. Whites are great for cleanliness, sterility and hygiene. White is the colour you want to pick if you are looking for plastics to place in your kitchen.


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