Monday, 30 November 2015

Special Effect Masterbatches

In the plastic products we see around us, not all are plain or boring plastic products. Some of them have additional qualities and special aesthetic effects to make them more appealing to the mast market. This is achieved with application of special masterbatches that we’re about to see right now.

Metallic masterbatches
Metal masterbatches, as the name suggests is used to gain a glittering or metallic effect the final product. This effect is created by the addition of metallic flakes or pigment into the traditional coloring masterbatch packs. An incredibly large number of plastic products that look like metal find application in the automotive and marine industries. Also, these masterbatches are primarily used in applications like cosmetic tubes and injection molded items.

Natural stone masterbatches
Despite the increasing quality of plastic products ended higher degree of application in our daily lives, the appeal for natural stones has not gone down. Instead, it has gone up to such a little where last masterbatches are expected to mimic the qualities of marble and granite. Silicon masterbatches deliver the required qualities at a very cheap price compared to that of real stones.

Transparent masterbatches
There is a demand for metric and natural stone products, consumers need plastic products that have transparency effect. Cookware, covers and many other things that we use around us are transparent. And as the industry has always been doing – fulfilling customer demands – transparent plastic products have also come to the market thanks to the modification in color masterbatches that help in delivering such products.

There are multiple other uses of masterbatches in India and plastic manufacturing companies make the most out of whatever is available in the market.

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