Wednesday, 30 September 2015

3 Most Common Additives Used In Polymer Industry Today

To meet the needs of individual customers and markets, the polymer industry has evolved a lot. The science in use today has made development and production of new plastic products. Here we will see about the most commonly used additives in the industry.

Some polymers (Ex: polypropylene) cannot be used outdoors without using stabilizers. This is because these polymers have readily removable hydrogen atoms which reach with oxygen and cause degradation of the plastic. The reaction with oxygen can be retarded with the help of small amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants are a very commonly used additive today.

UV protection
The sun’s high-energy radiation wreaks havoc on not just the human skin, but also on everything that can be affected by UV rays in sunlight. The high energy of radiation (100 to 72 kcal) is sufficiently strong to cleave plastic bonds which cause yellowing and organic polymers become brittle over time because of it. Since the effect of ultraviolet radiation on synthetic polymers is similar to its effect on the human skin, therefore it is not surprising that ultraviolet additives are also in high demand among additives supplied by Masterbatches suppliers.

Fireproofing additives
Plastics are used in many applications beyond just your typical home knick knacks. Therefore it require all kinds of properties. Flame retardancy is fast becoming one of those increasingly in-demand properties in plastics used for electronic applications and building materials. Masterbatches suppliers provide fireproofing additives comparatively more than other type of additives.  


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