Monday, 22 June 2015

Revisiting the Good Old Colour Guide for Interior Furniture

Feng Shui, the oriental science of harmony in objects has been used by interior designers not just in the East but world over by interior designers for great results. There was a time when the science was in great demand for arranging objects within a closed space, now with several alternatives available, designers seem to stop referring to it as much as they did not too long ago. The science was used not just to place things in space, but also to choose colours for the best result. We thought we should visit what Feng Shui says about colours. Here are 3 of the most common rooms that need the Feng Shui treatment, so let’s find out what the oriental science says about it.

Bedrooms are very personal spaces where we all expect to be rejuvenated and relaxed after of hectic work and tensions. This is why it is advised that earth tones be used for the best effect here. Pastel colours like brown and flesh colours along with very muted hues of cool colours are considered the best by far. Colours that are bright and lively aren’t meant for the bedrooms because the radiant positive energy will keep you awake.

Dining rooms
Got lanky kids at home that you want to fatten up? Red is the colour you will need for that, but besides there isn’t any reason that validates the use of red in the dining room. Once again muted colours are best because these aids digestion and makes it easier for your body to digest better.

Study rooms
Got sleepy kids who love to doze off over their books? Bright shades are perfect to keep them awake. A very nice shade of red, purple or yellow will keep their eyes open.

All in all, you can make everything that one bit more interesting just by adding necessary room d├ęcor in addition to colouring it right. You will find plastic products of all colours to place in your rooms. Colour masterbatches make it possible for colourful products to be made. Find out what options you have and buy them to complement your room’s colours.


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